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PUCKS! Hockey Software

Full color graphical analysis reports, plus season stats!  Some of the options available:

Faceoffs Dashboard:  Easy-to-read, accessible representation of the faceoffs report


Graphs Dashboard: Player, team, and match-up visualizations to help your organization evaluate your players and prepare for opponents


Game Summary: View all the plays from any game in any season! Select any play to view video of that play, or watch video of the entire game straight through!


Player Breakdown: Choose a player to view ALL his game video. Sort by period, event, advantage, or shot. Instantly view both the player and opponent stats and plays


Line Breakdown: Choose a combination of players and get a report with video of  ALL their time on ice together during a season! Includes both team and opponent combinations!


Goalie Analysis: View every shot fired on a goalie throughout a season!  Includes all video, shot locations, opponent stats, and all the plays from any game in any season! 


Penalty Shot / Shootout: Analyze all penalty shots taken and all shootout situations.  Includes all video, shot locations, and opponent stats