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Host better Track meets with less effort
 and get complete season stats!

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  • Point and click athlete entry ( set up a large meet in less than 1 hour!)
  • Supports up to 250 teams, 50 different events per meet
  • ONE CLICK Entries Manager lets you instantly receive other team’s entries by e-mail!
  • Allows up to 95 runners per race, 3-10 lanes.  Handles prelims, quarts, semis and final heats
  • Generates seeding for all Events and Meet Types (Duals, Tris, invitationals, championships, etc.)  Follows all high school or college rules (Coaches can override, of course)
  • Contains the complete Track Silver product for season stats: Individual Performance Summaries, Team Bests, Season Points, etc.
  • Run girls and boys meets together
  • Keep team stats on away meets in less than 10 minutes per meet!
  • Automatically checks meet records/school records/ qualifying times during the meet
  • Prints event results and current scores during the meet
  • Entries Manager lets you keep a master list of all your entries - you can automatically send your entries by CD/Flash drive or e-mail every time you attend a meet
  • Give meet results to coaches immediately after the meet, and send paragraph-style newspaper results to the press
  • Automatically re-scores for double dual match-ups
  • Advance qualifying runners to the next race level automatically
  • Import results from Finish Lynx and/or Field Lynx systems, and avoid all hand-typing of results!
  • Super Seed for entries received on paper, and for handling scratches